Pangdam Attends the 20th Anniversary of the Bali Bombing, Marked by the Release of Turtles, Hatchlings and Pigeons

Badung - Marking 2 decades of the First Bali Bombing Tragedy, Commander IX/Udayana TNI Major General Sonny Aprianto, S.E., M.M., attended the Release of Hatchlings and Pigeons which was held in the Hotel Beach Area Tourism Area Damages the ITDC Nusa Dua Area, Badung Regency, Bali Province , on Wednesday (12/10/2022).

Carrying the theme "Together We Fight Together We Win", the activity which is held every October 12th contains the meaning to continue to care for life by always respecting life and maintaining the values ​​of freedom, so that there is balance and peaceful and safe coexistence.

It is well known that the First Bali Bombing Tragedy was an act of terrorists carried out by a group in the name of religion that managed to steal international attention. Some of these terrifying terror events still haunt the history of Indonesia, which at that time had an impact on the tourism sector.

The reason is that the bombing has claimed many lives for tourists from various countries and the people of Indonesia. It was recorded that 204 people died from the violence of the bombing, while more than 200 others were seriously or lightly injured.

To commemorate the event, 6 turtles and 60 hatchlings were released into the sea and 100 pigeons were released, and an exhibition of photos of the First Bali Bombing was also held.

The moral message to be conveyed in this activity is to create peace, create a peaceful and non-violent Indonesia. This cannot be done individually, but it also requires assistance and support from all parties.

Also attending the event were the Deputy Governor of Bali, the Secretary of the BNPT, Danrem 163/WSA, Dir E Bais TNI, Kadensus 88 Anti-Terror Police, Deputy Chief of the Bali Police, Asintel Kasdam IX/Udy and other invitees. (Pendam IX/Udy)

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